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This is Me, Deal With It
Here it comes again.
A dog's claws
subtly, unceasingly,
scraping at my mind's door.
A scratch on an otherwise outstanding vinyl,
into a constant, nagging loop.
"What is wrong
with being yourself?" she inquired
into the peroxide laced air.
Paint is soaked into an unusual canvas.
Remove the red, dazzlingly bright
red like a princess's poisoned apple,
that halted the appearance of
Death's black shroud,
that replaced the coffee stain brown,
inviting Mr. Reaper in the first place,
that forever drowned out the original
bleak and dreary blonde.
Freezing liquid soothed the burn
of my aching scalp.
But I could still discern
the blatant disapproval
over the roaring sudsy waterfall
"You need to learn to be yourself,
the way God made you,"
Matrix and SoColor run down
the kitchen sink drain, leaving behind
pearl straw, course and shiny.
"I want to show you something."
A photograph in a frame
dated back to 2006,
dull blonde framed my small, innocent face.
I sat on the lap of a less wrink
:iconicerose05:icerose05 2 3
Fear of Falling Chapter 15
Chapter Fifteen: The Future
All was quiet around the Montressor Spaceport. It was a nice, calm night. The ships had all taken off by now, the workers had settled down for a quick nap, and the work in the shops was running slow.
And then . . .
The Legacy
escaped the world of explosions in the nick of time. Debris and spurts of fire followed them out. Vanessa opened her eyes and looked back at the portal. As the world destroyed itself, it destroyed the map and the portal as well, which closed forever.
Her heart leapt at the sound of his voice, and then he came into view. Jim had made it after all! She smiled the biggest smile she had ever smiled and wiped the tears away, willing her distressed heart to slow its beating.
“Wha-pow! Yeah!” Jim cheered. He flew victory laps around the ship, flying by Silver and high fiving him.
“You done it, Jimmy!” Silver yelled his approval, “You done it, boy! Ah ha ha ha ha! Didn
:iconicerose05:icerose05 1 0
[CUSTOM] Pokemon Jaguar Adoptable Request by icerose05 [CUSTOM] Pokemon Jaguar Adoptable Request :iconicerose05:icerose05 1 8 Ice Queen Outfit Adoptables by icerose05 Ice Queen Outfit Adoptables :iconicerose05:icerose05 9 22 Rose the Ice Queen by icerose05 Rose the Ice Queen :iconicerose05:icerose05 5 15
Mature content
Fear of Falling Chapter 14 :iconicerose05:icerose05 0 0
Fear of Falling Chapter 13
Chapter Thirteen: Flint's Secret
“Where is it?”
“I see nothing! One great, big, stinking hunk of nothing!”
The pulsing arrow disappeared into the globe. Jim pressed on the circles and tried to turn the halves, but it wouldn’t let him.
“What is going on, Jimbo?” Silver demanded in an accusing tone.
“I-I don’t know. I can’t get it open,”
“We should have never followed this boy!” the female pirate with no legs shrieked, running up behind him on her arms and tackled him.
“Hey!” Jim shouted as he fell.
“J-J-Jim!” Vanessa pushed past the people and knelt next to him. She was about to help him up when she noticed a hole in the ground covered by moss.
“I’d suggest you get that gizmo goin’, and fast!” Silver demanded.
Vanessa wiped away the moss, revealing that the cliff they were on was made of metal, and that the hole had the same markings as the map, “Ji
:iconicerose05:icerose05 0 0
Reproduction of Sweet Innocent Death by icerose05 Reproduction of Sweet Innocent Death :iconicerose05:icerose05 7 0 Ice  Anna Grace Play: Paranoiac  by icerose05 Ice Anna Grace Play: Paranoiac :iconicerose05:icerose05 3 5 Empress Eliza at Her Throne by icerose05 Empress Eliza at Her Throne :iconicerose05:icerose05 8 9 Empress Eliza by icerose05 Empress Eliza :iconicerose05:icerose05 21 63 [Custom] Goofy Bare Torso Outfits by icerose05 [Custom] Goofy Bare Torso Outfits :iconicerose05:icerose05 2 0 [Custom] Long Sleeved Outfits by icerose05 [Custom] Long Sleeved Outfits :iconicerose05:icerose05 4 0 [Custom] Dark Sexy Outfits by icerose05 [Custom] Dark Sexy Outfits :iconicerose05:icerose05 5 1 [Custom] Cute/Lolita Dresses by icerose05 [Custom] Cute/Lolita Dresses :iconicerose05:icerose05 4 3
Fear of Falling Chapter 12
Chapter Twelve: Treasure A-Waiting
"Gentlemen," the captain gasped, trying to punctuate the silence with some uplifting strings of words, "We must stay together and . . . and . . ."
Doc removed his spectacles in frustration, "And what? What?! We must stay together and what?!"
Captain Amelia looked at him with a sort of dazed, adoring emotion, "Doctor, you have wonderful eyes," she sighed.
"She's lost her mind!" Doc declared.
"Well, you gotta help her!" Jim demanded.
"Dang it, Jim, I'm an astronomer, not a doctor! I mean, I am a doctor, but I'm not that kind of doctor. I have a doctorate, it's not the same thing. You can't help anyone with a doctorate. You just sit there and you're useless!" Doc slapped his hands over his head, and Jim could swear her saw a few tears slip out of his eyes.
"It's alright, Doc," Jim patted his back, "It's alright,"
"Yeah, Doc!" B.E.N. chimed in, "Jimmy knows exactly how to get out of this. It's just Jimmy has this knowledge of things,"
Jim st
:iconicerose05:icerose05 1 0
I LOVE to write so the most things that you'll see will be my writing. :)


Random Favourites

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Single Character: 2 :points:or $0.50

Couple: 3 :points: or $1.00

Character Group (3-4): 4:points: or $1.50

Character Group (5-7): 5:points: or $2.50

Character Group (8 - up): 9 :points: or $3.50



Transparent: 0 :points: or $0.00

White: 0 :points: or $0.00

Single Color: 1 :points:or $0.50

Gradient: 2 :points: or $0.50

Actual Background: 3 :points: or $2.00



12 :points: or $5.00



Custom Clothing and Character Adoptables: 8 :points: or $2.00

:bulletblue: You can change the colors and clothes of the character.
:bulletblue: You cannot morph the character with other characters.
:bulletblue: You cannot resell the character. Once you buy it, it's yours. If you don't ever use it, that's your problem. However, if you ask me permission to sell it, I might consider it.

:bulletblue: You can change anything on the outfit after you buy it.
:bulletblue: You cannot morph it with other outfits.
:bulletblue: You cannot resell the outfit.


Other: Tell me what you want and I'll name the price


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:bulletred: His Weakness - Rise of the Guardians Fanfic - Jack Frost x OC
- A few weeks after the end of the movie, Jack Frost befriends a 5-year-old girl named Milly Gearin. They stay best friends until 10 years later when their relationship takes a turn down romantic lane. Its working out fantastically . . . Well, right up until Pitch Black returns with newly developed powers and a taste for vengeance. His presence once again brings problems for the Guardians, but also for Jack and Milly, who has been hiding something she thinks is no big deal, but just might bring the world into darkness.

:bulletpink: The Banished Couple - Avatar: The Last Airbender Fanfic - Zuko x OC
- Zuko has a childhood friend named Nerina, a girl from a water bending family and the only one who can't water bend. She disappeared a few months after his mother did, and he never saw her again. During his banishment, after he has discovered The Avatar is really alive, he starts dreaming about her, remembering moments they had as kids. While docking in a town to get repairs on his ship, he finds her again.

:bulletorange: My "Dear Friend" - The Witch's House Fanfic
- The majority of the game in written form. Read of the thoughts going through Viola and Ellen's minds, and how Ellen's powers came to be.

:bulletyellow: The Author's Curse - Ghost Hunt Fanfic
- SPR investigates a string of deaths in one neighborhood. The deaths are all teenagers before they become legal adults. Before their deaths they've been acting strangely: writing in an old homemade book they've found (always the same story) and falling into a strange depression. A few days before their birthday their families find them dead, as an act of suicide.

:bulletgreen: Never Grow Up - Peter Pan Fanfic: Peter Pan x OC
- Brittney refuses to grow up and will stop herself from doing so at all costs. Peter Pan pays her a visit in the middle of her slitting her wrists and stops her. He takes her to Neverland and changes her name to Marigold, where they have fun and many adventures, a little romance, and the promise of staying young forever.

:bulletblue: Eternal Doldrums - Ruby Gloom Fanfic - Ruby Gloom X Skull Boy
- You know what happened in Hair less the Musical: Skull Boy realizes his friends are his family and comes home, right? Well, what would happen if he didn't come home? What if he stayed with the band? And what if Ruby Gloom failed to cheer up and fell ill because of it?


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Hi everyone!! As of today, I am officially a University Graduate with an Associates of Applied Sciences Degree in 3D Animation! WITH HONORS!!! :D :D

Now I know I said back in February that I plan on getting more active here on deviantART and on Youtube. And I honestly did at that point, but then it got even worse and I didn't have time to be doing anything but homework. But I am going to keep my word to be more active. I already put up the last of the Slender: The Arrival Montage video on my channel (same name as this account. 1,000 subscribers!!!) and I've already made my new account for my more professional art, but I'm not going to give out the username until I get some art up on there. However, unlike I said before, I am going to keep this account for my stories ONLY this includes normal stories and fanfiction. I'll be putting all of my art into a single folder so my followers can still view them at their leisure.

So, condensed version of my updates:

:bulletblue: I'm a University Graduate!
:bulletblue: I plan on becoming active again.
:bulletblue: My new account will contain more professional art and some animation, both 2D and 3D, and maybe some fan art
:bulletblue: I'm going to keep this account as a fiction account
:bulletblue: I am moving all of my art on this account into one folder in my gallery


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